Welcome to Healing Waters Dance

Healing Waters Dance – Christian-based dance studio.
We specialize in offerings for women of all ages to dance for freedom, inspiration, & transformation!

Visit us at 469 Abbott Road, Buffalo, NY 14220




Welcome to Healing Waters Dance.  This is the way I dance…heart, soul, mind, and strength… to love the Lord.   I am inviting you to come experience the love of God and to receive healing and joy in your soul.

When there is a break or division in one’s heart and soul, we experience stress in our lives to varying degrees.  Your heart is the willful, intentional, purpose-filled part of your identity.  The soul involves the emotions and the mind.  Perhaps you have experienced trauma in your life, emotional hurts, or even negative self images.  At Healing Waters, we move slowly into a place where you gain new freedom… freedom from the hurts and the negativity that weigh you down.  Your spirit is free, but not if it is locked up in a soul that says “no, I can’t, or I’m afraid.”

Come to a safe place  to experience dance in a way that releases freedom, peace, and joy.

We dance and receive healing so we can dance to declare our healing and give glory to God.


Janene Staffone